1. Can I change my order and how am I able to do so?

Yes orders made can be changed. You may do so by contacting our Online Office at the respective avenues:

Email   :  adoreavenue.info@gmail.com

Just inform us your Order ID and we will be able to change your order. Kindly inform us as soon as possible if you wish to change your order before we ship out your order. 


2. Can I cancel my order?

Unfortunately, confirmed orders are not permitted to be cancelled. If a backorder happens, a refund can be opted. Please email adoreavenue.info@gmail.com for more info

3. Why was my order cancelled?

If this happens, it is because we have not heard any news nor did we receive any payment proof from your behalf pertaining to the order made since the invoice was sent to you 3 days back. 

Adore Avenue & Band of Braders reserves the right to claim ownership of items and resell the items. We appreciate the effort that you made ordering with us but due to long queue of orders, it would be unfair to other serious buyers. 

However, if payment was already made without notifying us, please notify us along with the payment proof to our email at adoreavenue.info@gmail.com


4. How do I add/remove items to/from my existing order after checking out?

You may do so by emailing us at adoreavenue.info@gmail.com and informing us your Order ID. Our Customer Service Attendee will then tend to you and change the order to include or exclude the items according to your preference.


5. I've received the wrong item! What should I do?

We are terribly sorry about that! Kindly email us your Order ID along with the picture of the item(s) that you have received to adoreavenue.info@gmail.com

Please ensure that the picture taken of the item must include the Adore Avenue & Band of Braders still attached to the label in one (1) photograph. You will need then need to return the incorrectly received item to us. 


6. I've received my order, but one of the item(s) are missing. What should I do?

We sincerely apologise for that error. Kindly email us your Order ID and the missing item(s) to adoreavenue.info@gmail.com and we will assist you. 


7. Will items be restocked?

Some items are restock-able.

We are unable to inform our customers personally via email pertaining to any updates. Sorry! It would be great if you could check out the said pages regularly so as you do not miss out on any release or updates.


8. What happened if the item is backordered?

Adore Avenue & Band of Braders does everything possible to ensure that our products are in stock and ready-to-ship. However, sometimes demand outpaces supply and we fall short. In these rare circumstances we will notify you by e-mail that an item in your order is backordered. The backordered item will be sent as soon as it becomes available. Since we are also the manufacturer, we make sure that backordered items are promptly replenished. Typically, the delay will be no more than 2-3 weeks, if you can’t wait, you’ll get your money back.